Milkface CAM - 02/02

I'll just bet you thought little Rissa was going into the pond. In reality, she was going...

up up up and away!

Look at Milkface and Woogie - they are in AWE.

Milkface must be so proud of Rissa, carrying the torch for the "Flying Cat Club". If you never saw little Milkface, the Flying Cat, check out February 11, 1998, February 12, 1998, March 9, 1998, March 10, 1998, and April 29, 1998.

The funniest part, which of course I couldn't capture, was when Rissa came back down to earth (no, she didn't quite make it to the top of the fence). She turned around and bolted, running wild past me and under the deck in a flash! I don't know what got her going, but it was all quite a site to see.

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